How a Trampoline Can Help Your Child’s Development

Some kids will find any excuse they can get to convince their parents to get a trampoline.

But there might be some valid reasons behind the excuses your kids have for getting a trampoline.

These developmental reasons include heart health, increased energy levels, co-ordination skills, being happier, more confidence, increased learning, stronger immune system, fresh air, more exercise, improved behavior, get them away from screens, and gives them more vitamin D.

Read on and your kids will be happy you did.

Things to consider

Your child is not wrong in the fact that they should have a trampoline.

As listed below, there are quite a few reasons why they should have a trampoline in the backyard.

Heart health

Your heart is much like any other muscle you have in your body.

The more you work it out, the stronger it becomes.

So your child getting out onto the trampoline and jumping for at least 10 minutes a day will significantly increase the strength of their hearts.

And if their hearts are strong, they are going to be stronger overall.

It’s important to have a healthy heart because it is wait keeps your body going.

A healthy heart will have a strong heartbeat, which gets blood to all the important parts of your body.

Increased energy levels

Some times the best things kids can do for themselves is get moving.

When they are jumping on a trampoline, not only are they getting the heart moving, but they are also breathing in more oxygen because of exercising.

And there are many benefits to increasing the oxygen intact of your child.

More oxygen means higher energy levels for your children, so they can jump on the trampoline more or do things around the house, like cleaning or homework.

Also, according to Valeo Health and Wellness Center:

Studies have shown that oxygen helps:

Stimulate brain activity

Increase memory capacity

Boost concentration

Develop stronger alertness

Raise energy levels

Improve strength

Build endurance

Detox your blood

Reduce stress

Calm anxiety

Alleviate tension headaches

Remedy irregular sleeping patterns

Help with cardiovascular activity

Prevent lactic acid build up

Strengthen the immune system

Kids can also experience a lot of stress in their life, but jumping on the trampoline helps to alleviate some of that stress (as mentioned above, it can calm anxiety and alleviate tension).

Coordination skills

When I was growing up, my excuse for playing video games was for hand-eye coordination.

It was mostly a joke that I didn’t actually believe, but just wanted to give my parents a reason for why I should be playing.

As I got older, though, I’ve found that jumping on a trampoline actually has the benefit of working on peoples, especially kids, hand-eye coordination skills.

Bouncing on the trampoline creates a constant shift in the center of gravity with the child bouncing.

Then your child has to shift their body and weight to adjust to the change in the center of gravity.

This is typically done with little thought on the part of the person jumping.

The more a child jumps on the trampoline, the better their body learns how to do this easier.

So your child is learning to bounce, balance, and concentrate all at the same time.

Being happy

As mentioned in the list of why trampolines increase energy levels, there are many reasons why trampolines make kids happy.

Scientifically, jumping on a trampoline releases endorphins, which are feel-good hormones.

That, in and of itself, helps relieve your children of stress and calms any anxiety.

Then will also be in a better mood because of the release of endorphins.

Next, trampolines are just so much fun.

Being able to go up, feel weightless for a few seconds, and then coming back down is such an adrenaline rush.

Last, jumping on a trampoline with other people allows the kids to play games with their friends.

For yourself, the saying “a happy wife is a happy life” is true, but the same thing is true for your kids.

I know that I’ve been my happiest when my kids are happy and smiling.

So when the kids are jumping on the trampoline and smiling, you are going to be doing the same.

More confidence

As long as your child is jumping safely, there is no wrong way to jump on the trampoline.

And this can help with children who are short on confidence.

Since there is no wrong way to jump, your kids are going to have a fun time without feeling like they are doing something wrong.

And that will go a long way for their confidence.

Increased learning

A good way for kids to learn is by making it fun.

A trampoline is any easy way to do this.

The games you can play to help your kids learn can include the following:

  1. Counting the jumps. Your kids can count each of the jumps they make on the trampolines, which helps them work on their numbers.
  1. Singing the alphabet while jumping. Each time they jump, have them recite the next letter in the alphabet until they get through the whole alphabet.
  1. Simon says. Have your kids play on the trampoline and have them follow along with Simon Says. Playing Simon Says helps them to work on their ability to follow directions.
  1. Bouncing Air Catch. While your child is bouncing on the trampoline, throw a ball into the air and have them try to catch it. This will help your child work on their hand-eye coordination skills.
  1. Jumping Math Games. While your child jumps, ask them math questions. Each time they get a math question correctly, they get rewarded with a piece of candy. Jumping while doing math gives them pressure to do maths under pressure without realizing it.

Stronger immune system

I’ve previously written an article about the benefits of jumping on a trampoline without shoes and socks.

Part of that is the effect it has on your immune system:

When you jump on a trampoline barefoot, you are stimulating your nervous system.

Your nervous system then interacts with your immune system to work on the health of your body.

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Shoes on A Trampoline? – BACKYARDABLES

Also, jumping on a trampoline also stimulates other organs in your body besides your heart, which the movement on the trampoline allows your body to detoxify itself.

Fresh air

Sometimes it is just good to get your kids outside to get some fresh air.

In this day and age, we find that our kids are inside more and more, and unfortunately most of that time they can be found in front of a screen.

We’ve already covered why more oxygen is good for your child, but on top of that, getting outside into the fresh air is good for them as well.

But not only the fresh air, but also time spent in the sun will be a great benefit to your kids.

More exercise

Our kids need to move.

Movement allows them to stretch out their legs and arms, get their body moving, and exercising muscles that they might not normally work out.

And this is healthy for them to do.

As I’ve become a parent, when I jump on the trampoline, afterwards I usually feel sore in areas that I don’t usually feel sore from working out regularly.

That’s how we know that jumping on a trampoline helps up work on muscles in our body that we don’t normally work out.

Improved behavior

This particular item is related with most of the other items we have listed.

If your child is exercising on the trampoline, they are put into a better mood thanks to the endorphins that are released.

And if they are in a better mood, then they are more likely to follow directions or listen to their parents.

So as parents, we see their behavior as improved.

Also, the increased level of oxygen they take in while jumping goes to their brain and helps them feel more alert and can concentrate better.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very important to the growth of your children.

According to NHS:

Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body.

These nutrients are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.

A lack of vitamin D can lead to bone deformities such as rickets in children, and bone pain caused by a condition called osteomalacia in adults.

So while your child is outside jumping on the trampoline, they will be exposed to the sun, which is a great source of vitamin D.

This vitamin D will then help to keep their bones, teeth, and muscles healthy.


As your child is growing, their development is very important.

There are many ways that you can address the challenges, especially during a time when kids just want to be in front of a screen all day.

A trampoline is a great opportunity to help your children develop, grow, and exercise.

It will also give them a chance to learn about themselves and work on their coordination skills.

So you can help your children development in so many ways by getting them a trampoline.

Bill Lantz

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