Why You Shouldn’t Wear Shoes on A Trampoline?

Jumping on a trampoline is fun, but one of the most annoying things is having to take your shoes off before you get on and putting them back on when you get off.

When you have kids like mine, that is when shoes are typically lost.

So, why do we need to take off our shoes when we get on the trampoline? Shoes wear down the mat and springs, rocks or other items caught in the shoes can tear the mat, and they can make you slip more on the trampoline.

Read to the end to find out how jumping on the trampoline barefoot is actually good for your health.

Safety first

The biggest concern while jumping on the trampoline should be safety.

Jumping on the trampoline with your shoes and/or socks on can sound like fun.

You might also tell yourself that you are just going to quickly jump on the trampoline, so there is no point in taking your shoes and socks off.

I know I have told myself that a time or two.

Having five kids, we also found that shoes regularly went missing because they got lost in the shuffle from the trampoline to the car.

Everyone has their reasons, and they are usually good, for why they keep their shoes on while jumping on their trampoline.

But wearing shoes or socks on the trampoline is going to make you slip and slide.

Slipping and sliding on the trampoline is dangerous.

Jumping on a trampoline with shoes or socks can feel like jumping on some ice.

If you slide too much, you can end up jumping into someone else causing yourself and them injury.

Injury from slipping into someone can often be more serious than just normally running into someone.

Even if you are jumping by yourself, you could slip and end up landing on your head, hurting your neck, or giving yourself a concussion.

A missed landing and you could end off of the trampoline and seriously hurt.

To read more about serious head and neck injuries while jumping on the trampoline, read more here.

So taking your shoes off is a matter of safety.

If you like the idea of jumping on the trampoline with socks, you can purchase socks that are specifically made to be grippy and helps to avoid slipping.

You can find some of those kinds of socks here.

Using socks that grip will greatly reduce the chance of you slipping and sliding on the trampoline.

So invest in some grippy socks if you really want to jump with socks on.

You can also review one of my other posts if you are looking for more safety tips: 25 Safety Tips For Your Trampoline

What is hiding on the bottom of your shoes

Outside of getting hurt from slipping on the trampoline, there is a question of what is on the bottom of your shoes and if it is worth it for you to get on your trampoline.

Within the treads of your shoes, many things could hide that might damage your trampoline.

In the treads can hide peddles, which might be small, but can sometimes be hard enough to cut holes in your trampoline, if even just a minor hole.

But minor holes can turn into larger ones.

It may not seem like a big deal at first, but after some time and enough jumping, and the trampoline mat will rip quickly.

Our kids sometimes made it a regular practice to throw the pebbles on the trampoline and then jump.

I do not know how many times our trampoline has gone from having a small little hole in it to having such a big hole that we have to replace the mat.

Pebbles are not the only thing that you need to worry about being stuck in the tread of the shoes.

Animal poop should be another worry.

If someone jumps on the trampoline while wearing shoes that have animal poop in the treads, it will get worn into the mat just like it would into a rug.

It will not wear down the trampoline, but it will leave an awful smell and you will need to spend some time cleaning it up before it gets worse.

There are also other random items that might be found in the treads of your shoes that you do not want to find on your trampoline. That lists include but is not limited to, the following:

  • Bubble gum
  • Dirt
  • Black tar
  • Mud

So take off those shoes and socks before getting on the trampoline to avoid putting the mat in a bad situation.

Some good that comes from jumping barefoot

There is a plethora of reasons to jump on your trampoline barefoot.

  • Feeling the mat on your feet will give you better balance.

The actual act of feeling the trampoline mat on your feet will give you a better response to the action of jumping than it would with shoes on.

You can feel the trampoline underneath your feet and it will give you a better reaction time to when you should jump.

You feel better where you are in relation to your position on the trampoline and can adjust accordingly.

  • Foot health is important to your overall health

Many of the exercises we do incorporates the use of our feet.

Whether it is running, jogging, biking, our feet are involved in the workout.

So it is incredibly important that we keep our feet healthy and strong.

And sometimes that means throwing off our shoes.

Jumping on a trampoline without our shoes on gives our feet the exercise they need to keep the rest of our body healthy.

If we are not taking care of our feet, we are less likely to get the exercise that we need, we are less likely to go biking, running, etc.

And with the number of obese children growing (the CDC estimates that about 13.7 million children or 18.5% are obese) it has become even more important that we keep our feet healthy for exercise.

And trampolining is one of those easy things to take our shoes off for and still get exercise.

So take those shoes and socks off and set them aside while you jump on the trampoline.

  • Jumping barefoot improves your immunity

When you jump on a trampoline barefoot, you are stimulating your nervous system.

Your nervous system then interacts with your immune system to work on the health of your body.

Other general reasons to take your shoes and socks off

As mentioned previously, your feet can feel the mat when you jump barefoot.

The same goes if you land on the frame or the springs.

If someone can feel the frame or springs under their feet they are going to be a little more careful how and where they are jumping.

They will not jump on the springs if they can feel it with their bare feet.

They will not jump on the frame if it means hitting it without shoes on.

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