I am Steve Cooper and believe it or not I love trees

As a property manager of several rental properties, I have had to kill many trees. They were growing in the wrong place and would have damaged my property or made it unsafe for my tenants.

Initially, I did some research online and tried to kill some trees with roundup, salt, by girdling and even the hack and squirt method.

This is when I thought I knew what I was doing.
This is 2 years later when the trees are still alive.

To my dismay, those darn trees didn’t die. That’s when I decided to do some more research and call arborists (people who kill trees for a living) and ask them what they used to kill trees.

What I found is that most arborists don’t use roundup. Most use a tree killer called Tordon. Since then I have talked with and surveyed hundreds of arborists.

I decided to set the facts straight on the internet clear up all the miss information about how to kill trees.

I think why there are so many myths about what can kill a tree is because there are a lot of trees that will die without even being cut down.

Like pine trees, palm trees, and many others if you cut them down to a stump they will die roots and all.

I am sure people have cut down a pine tree and then treated the stump with bleach and thought holy cow bleach kills trees. When it actually may not kill most trees. 

That’s why I am testing all these methods out. I am determined to get to the bottom of what actually kills trees and what doesn’t. Kind of like myth busters.

Since I have started this website I also bought a farm in the country. I have big plans for this farm including planting hundreds of fruit, shade and nut trees. 

The best way to grow trees is on dead trees just like in a forest. In permaculture, they call this huglecultur. Which is just a German word for mounds. Basically you did a trench and bury logs in the trench and plant trees and bushes on top.

Trees grow way faster this way. But I need loads of trees to make these mounds all the way around my property.

So I have been begging to get arborists to dump their tree waste at my place. That hasn’t been enough so I have also started my own tree service in Utah County.

nebo tree service of Utah County

My neighbors keep wondering what is this guy is doing with all the piles of trees on his property. Trust me they are going to be jealous in a few years when I have tons of fruit, nuts and shade all the way around my farm.

I might as well get paid for collecting tree waste right. 

As I kill trees, roots and stumps I am continuing to test different ways to kill trees and I will document what works and what doesn’t work here and on my Youtube Channel.

You would be amazed at the fun conversations I have had with random people and friends when I tell them what I am building. Everyone has there own way to kill trees. It has really been quite interesting. 

As I learn new ways I test them out myself to see if they actually work or not. Only time will tell.