What Trampoline Gives You The Best Bounce

When we consider a trampoline, one of our first thoughts is typically which one is going to be the most fun.

Our second thought is typically what trampoline will give us the best bounce.

To answer this question, we have to know how many people are going to jump on the trampoline. If one person is going to jump, the round trampoline is going to give you the best bounce, while a rectangular trampoline will give the best bounce for multiple people.

Read on to find out why the above is true.

Why to consider how many people will jump

The general rule for jumping on a trampoline is that only one person should jump at a time.

I don’t know anyone that actually follows this rule.

But there are a few reasons why you should consider this before purchasing a trampoline for its bounce.

So, if you are going to have more than one person jump on the trampoline, the shape is going to matter.

When a single person jumps on a circular trampoline, all the springs work together to help that person get the most bounce out of the trampoline.

If more than one person is jumping on a circular trampoline, the springs have to work to bounce both people, it becomes more difficult to get a good bounce, and the likelihood of the two people running into each other increases.

A rectangular trampoline, on the other hand, can deal with more than one person at a time.

The rectangular trampoline really has two bounce areas, unlike the circular trampoline that has just one.

So more than one person bouncing on a rectangular trampoline is actually ideal.

Whereas on the circular trampoline when someone bounces, all springs work together, on a rectangular trampoline when multiple people bounce, the springs closest to the bouncer work together to create the bounce.

So if you are considering having more than one person on the trampoline, a rectangular trampoline is going to give you better bounce.

Spring size

Outside of the trampoline size, you should also consider the spring size.

According to TrampolineSafety.com:

Energy transfer is what a jumper feels moving through their body when jumping. If your trampoline springs are able to stretch further, the energy transfer through your body takes place over a longer period of time, resulting in extra energy that can be put into your jump.  You may feel this overall as a “smooth bounce”.  If your trampoline springs are short they simply cannot stretch as much, so the energy transfer is faster, and your body has less time to absorb it and the feeling is a shorter, stiffer, and harsher bounce.


So a longer spring is going to give you more bounce on the trampoline.

While a shorter spring could give you good bounce, it isn’t going to give you the same as a longer spring, since the kinetic energy transfer is not going to be as much with a short spring.

Not only that, but it seems that shorter springs last a shorter time then longer springs.

Shorter springs are easier to make and are often made with a lower quality steel than longer springs.

So they may not last as long.

Anything 6 inches or shorter is considered a short trampoline spring, while 7 inches or more are longer springs.

If you are looking for a trampoline with good bounce, look for a trampoline that has springs at least 7 inches long.

Trampoline shape

We covered this a little bit in previous sections, but there is a little more we need to cover.

Let’s cover this from the perspective of having just one jumper on the trampoline.


An oval-shaped trampoline is going to give you a larger jumping area, which in turn will probably give you a good bounce.

Springs work together to give the jumper the best bounce.

The trampoline also redirects the jumper to the middle of the trampoline, which again will give the user the best bounce of all the trampoline shapes.


The round trampoline is by far the most popular of the trampoline shapes.

This is probably due to it being the easiest shape to fit into a persons backyard.

The general idea of the round trampoline is that all springs work together in conjunction with the jumper to give them a good bounce.

The bounce is also consistent, since all the springs are working together at the same time.


Gives you a better bounce than the oval or round trampolines because the springs in the area of the bouncer work together to give the user a bounce, whereas with the round all springs work at the same time, no matter how far away they are from the bouncer.

Also allows a user to jump from corner to corner without losing much bounce velocity.


There is a reason why when you watch trampolining on the Olympics, they are using rectangular trampolines.

This is because the rectangular trampolines are going to give you the best bounce out of all the trampolines.

If you are going to consider this rectangle trampoline, make sure you have the right space in your backyard to store the trampoline.

And also make sure you purchase a rectangle trampoline with a safety net.

Since you will be getting the most bounce out of this trampoline, you will want to make sure the jumper is safe with a safety net.

The bounciest trampolines

Skywalker Trampolines 12ft (round)

Skywalker trampolines are known around the United States because of their price and their quality.

Skywalker is not as expensive as some of the more expensive brands (Springfree trampolines, ACON) and it seems to be of a higher quality as well.

The size of the trampoline (12ft) and the shape (round) gives it the advantage for a single jumper to get quite a bit of height on their jumps.

The trampoline also has 72 springs, which helps with the bounce, and a sixth leg, which gives it more stability than some of the other trampolines out there on the market.

You could also spring (pun intended) for the bigger and more expensive trampoline from Skywalker, the gymnast trampoline.

It will give you a good bounce for two people and also get the quality that Skywalker trampolines provides.

Giantex Trampoline

This trampoline comes in multiple size, but the 15ft trampoline will give you enough fun for the whole family.

The trampoline is made from high quality material, which allows for great bounce on the trampoline.

The trampoline also comes in 10ft, 12ft, and 14ft.

All of these would be great options, but the 15ft trampoline would be a great trampoline for the bounce in families of any size.

Songmics 15ft trampoline

This trampoline is in a midrange prize for it’s size.

The trampoline comes with high quality galvanized steel springs, which allows for a sturdy bounce for the jumper and leads to a good landing on the trampoline.

It also comes with 96 or 108 springs, depending on the trampoline size.

And as most people with say, the more springs a trampoline has, the better the bounce is going to be.


The best bounce on a trampoline comes down to a few things.

This includes the shape of the trampoline, the number of springs on the trampoline, and the size of the trampoline.

You also need to consider how many people are going to jump on the trampoline at once.

If you consider all of the above before you chose, you will certainly make a more informed, and better, choice.

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