Trampoline Vs. Treadmill: What Is Better For Exercise?

I’m sure many people have thought to themselves, “Which one should I buy, a trampoline or a treadmill?”

And it is a good question and one that we look to review in this article.

When it comes to exercise, the trampoline is better, since you can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time, you can select from a variety of shapes and sizes for reasonable costs, you can make the trampoline very safe, and overall it’s just more fun to exercise on.

Read on to find out why we came to this conclusion.


A treadmill and trampoline are both good sources of exercise.

The treadmill allows you to get a run in without having to go outside (you could place the treadmill outside, but it needs to be in a safe place).

And it allows you to go at the pace you want.

You could go running without the treadmill, but it can sometimes be a lot harder to keep a certain pace.

Depending on your size, you can burn a certain number of calories during your run.

Some treadmills are fancy enough that they can tell you how many calories you’ve burned during your run.

This way, you can not only set a goal for the amount of time you want to run, but you can also set the number of calories that you would like to burn.

This is great because it gives you a number of options.

The trampoline also allows you to burn off some calories as well.

And while the treadmill gives your legs some exercise, the trampoline allows you to exercise your whole body.

While jumping on a trampoline, you get to work out not only your legs but your arms and your chest.

So it gives you more of a full-body workout than a treadmill would.

Also, you work out as many calories in half the time on a trampoline then you would on a treadmill.

For example, jumping on a trampoline for 30 minutes burns the same number of calories as one hour of running.

Advantage: Trampoline


We have a wide range of costs for both trampolines and treadmills.

For a very cheap treadmill, the start price is around $400.

It is a pretty plain treadmill, it won’t move up and down like a treadmill that allows you to practice running uphill.

It will just be a basic treadmill, which might be perfectly fine for what you are looking for.

The more expensive treadmills can get to be around $2,000.

This type of treadmill will come with handrails for you to grab onto when you get tired, and will also have a fancy display for you to look at while you are running.

And if you look around enough, you can find a treadmill that comes with a TV and that will cost you around $1,600.

I’m going to put the advantage for trampoline because you can purchase from a whole list of different trampolines at different prices.

Advantage: Trampoline.


There are a few safety items you need to consider with both the trampoline and the treadmill.

First, the treadmill can be rather unsafe for kids if they aren’t careful.

The belt that you run on the treadmill can go pretty fast.

Treadmills can get as fast as 12 mph.

This is the speed that people who win marathons run.

And if your child steps on it while it is going fast, they could end up getting quite hurt.

Most people I know have a rule that the treadmill has to start off really slow and then you can gradually build up the speed until you no longer feel comfortable.

Treadmills also typically come with a safety clip on them.

The safety clip is meant to go on the runner.

When the runner gets a certain distance away from the treadmill, the clip comes out of the treadmill and the treadmill belt immediately stops.

This makes it so if the runner were to fall, they wouldn’t get hurt and the treadmill would turn off.

Unfortunately, I’ve run into many people who don’t use this when they use the treadmill at home.

So it is still possible for your children to get hurt on the treadmill.

Trampolines don’t go without their own safety concerns as well.

One of the main ideas behind the trampoline is that it is raised above the ground.

This in and of itself puts anyone jumping on the trampoline in a dangerous situation, as they could fall off and get hurt from landing on the ground.

Also, there are springs on the trampoline, which someone could land on and end up hurting their legs or ankles.

Lastly, they could run into other people that are jumping on the trampoline as well, leading to hurt heads or other parts of the bodies of the jumpers.

There are some things you can do to counteract these possible injuries.

You could purchase a safety net for the trampoline, which should help mitigate people falling off of the trampoline.

So instead of falling off, they would end up in the safety net and then back on the trampoline.

You can also purchase a spring cover, which should help people getting hurt from legs caught in between the springs or rolled ankles.

So overall you have some options to help people be safer on the trampoline.

Advantage: Trampoline


The trampoline takes a little bit of time to set up.

First, you have to get all of the poles out of the box and set up the base of the trampoline.

This is the circle portion of the trampoline if you go around one, and the square part of you purchase a square.

Put all the pieces together and use the provided screws to connect the pieces together.

Then turn the trampoline base upside down and then attach the legs onto the base.

This should be the same process, where you connect the legs and then put the screws in.

Once you have the screws in the legs, then flip the base back over so it is facing up.

You’ll then want to get the mat and springs out.

Take one spring and put it into a hole in the base of the trampoline.

Then put the other end of the spring into a loop in the mat.

Continue around the trampoline putting the springs into the mat and then into the base.

You might need to pull out your spring puller and use it to put the springs in, since the further around the base you get, the tighter the springs get.

Once you have put in all the springs, you should be done and ready to have fun on the trampoline.

Putting together the treadmill typically depends on who you purchase your treadmill from.

But for the most part, the treadmill is going to come to you mostly put together.

Either you will have to screw in the arm and monitor portion of the treadmill or undo some screws to move the arm and monitor in the upright position.

Outside of that, you just need to find a corner for your treadmill and plug it in to start using it.

Advantage: Treadmill


Trampolines are pretty resilient when it comes to maintenance.

Every once in a while you’ll have to walk around the trampoline and check the nuts and bolts and make sure they are as tight as they need to be.

This will help make sure that the trampoline doesn’t fall apart while people are jumping on it.

You’ll also need to make sure that any springs that are broken or rusted are replaced as soon as they are noticed.

Otherwise, they could come popping off and hurt someone hanging out around the trampoline.

Also, make sure to repair or replace the trampoline mat or safety net if they get holes in them.

Any hole larger than the size of a baseball should be repaired before the hole gets any bigger.

We’ve had kids have competitions to see who can get the hole bigger before we’ve had the opportunity to fix it.

So repair or replace it before someone gets hurt.

Treadmills have much of the same maintenance: walk around the treadmill and tighten any of the screws that have loosened.

The last thing you want is for the treadmill to fall apart while someone is running on it.

But I don’t think that is likely to happen with a treadmill.

So just keep an eye on it for any wear and tear.

Advantage: Treadmill


There is a bit of a difference in how much space a trampoline and a treadmill take up.

A treadmill will take up just as much space as how big the treadmill is, which is maybe a few feet square.

So it isn’t a whole lot.

Most people will find a corner of their house to put their treadmill in and then they can go ahead and use it.

You probably don’t want to put it right up against a wall, give it a few feet of space around it, just to make sure the runner is safe.

The trampoline takes up quite a bit more space.

A mini-trampoline is much like a treadmill, find a corner for it and give it a few feet of space to make sure the jumper is safe.

But a full-size trampoline is different.

Full-size trampolines can range from 6 feet wide to 17 feet wide.

This means that you need to plan a place outside to place your trampoline.

And just like with the treadmill, you will want a few feet of space around the trampoline to make sure everyone is safe.

Don’t put the trampoline too close to a fence, if someone falls off, you don’t want them falling into the fence or they could get injured even more.

So you have to have some space in your yard to put the trampoline in a comfortable spot.

And not everyone has that much space for a trampoline.

Advantage: Treadmill

Fun Factor

When you think of treadmills, you don’t usually think of “fun”.

The only time I’ve ever had fun on a treadmill is when the treadmill had a TV attached to it and then I could watch a movie while I was running.

Otherwise, running on the treadmill is a pretty monotonous thing.

Also, you will only be able to have one person on the treadmill, otherwise, someone is going to get hurt.

Trampolines, on the other hand, can always be fun without anything additional added to it.

You can also have many friends jump on the trampoline with you, without having to worry about anyone getting hurt.

You’ve probably heard of a trampoline party but never heard of a treadmill party because treadmills are just not fun.

Advantage: Trampoline


Trampolines and treadmills are great for exercising and possibly losing weight.

They both have their pros and cons.

But overall it seems that the trampoline is the best option in your quest for burning calories and having fun while doing it.

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