Trampoline vs Ninja Course: Which Is More Fun and Safer For Your Kids

Sometimes your kids just need to get outside and it doesn’t matter how or why.

But being out in the warm air is good for your kids and a trampoline or ninja course can do it for them.

When comparing trampolines and ninja courses, the safety, setup time, and maintenance of the ninja course make it better for your kids over the trampoline.

Read on to find out why one is better than the other for your kids.

Why the debate

Both trampoline and ninja courses have their pros and cons.

You aren’t going to find one solution that is perfectly safe.

The debate between a trampoline and ninja course toes the line between the two.

Both have their safety concerns, but both can be a ton of fun for your kids.

So the debate continues.


The setup for the ninja course depends on your situation in your backyard.

The ninja course needs stable objects that you can tie the ends of the ninja course to.

Some people prefer trees.

If you have trees the right distance apart, then all you have to do is pull out the ninja course and securely tie the ends of the course to the trees.

In a case where don’t already have trees, you probably don’t want to wait 10 or 15 years for new trees to grow.

For that situation, you can purchase some posts from your local hardware store (either wood or metal), as well as some quick-dry cement, and within a few days, those posts should be ready for you to tie the ninja course.

Just make sure your posts are nice and sturdy in the ground, otherwise, the ninja course might end up on the ground.

It is also recommended that you have 2 or 3 people setting up the ninja course.

With the trampoline, the setup is relatively simple.

You first put the base of the trampoline together, using the screws where necessary.

Then you connect the legs of the trampoline to the base.

Once you finish with the legs, you will connect a spring to the base and then attach that same spring to the mat.

Then you move on to the next spring hole and continue around the whole of the trampoline.

Make sure you have a spring puller available because soon the trampoline mat is going to be really tight and it will get harder to pull the springs.

The spring puller is going to help so you don’t hurt your hands while trying to pull on the springs.

Once you’ve inserted all the springs, you are all done with the trampoline.

Place the trampoline where people are going to use it and let the fun commence.

Overall, it seems the setup for both the trampoline and the ninja course, so this one will be a tie.

Advantage: Tie


Trampolines and ninja courses have much of the same safety concerns.

Both take the user a few feet off of the ground and then the fun begins.

With the trampoline, you are off the ground while you are jumping up and down.

This can sometimes lead to falling off the trampoline and landing on the ground.

And depending on how the person lands, they could end up with a broken arm, leg, hip, etc.

Additional equipment can be purchased to make your trampoline a little bit safer.

A safety net and spring cover should get you what you need.

It won’t 100% guarantee someone can’t get hurt.

You can also bury the trampoline into the ground.

This means that instead of falling a few feet when falling off the trampoline, they are falling a few inches to the ground, and then that’s it.

You can always jump over the safety net, but I don’t think anyone would do that on purpose.

The spring cover can also wear down in the wind and rain and can get ruined if stepped on.

The ninja course is a matter of how high you want it off the ground.

Typically you are only going to have it a foot or two off the ground, but you can adjust as needed.

If you set it up pretty close to the ground, you might have to worry about people getting hurt.

Especially if you are going to have kids using the ninja course, you are going to want to have it closer to the ground.

You may have a few bumps and bruises and maybe even a bloody lip, but overall you aren’t going to have too many injuries to worry about.

The higher you set up the ninja course off of the ground, the more you have to worry about.

Plus, you don’t need to have it too high off of the ground for your kids to have fun with it.

Advantage: Ninja course


Trampolines need regular maintenance.

This includes checking the safety net, mat, and spring cover on a regular basis to make sure there are no holes forming, and if so, they need to be replaced.

You will also need to replace any broken or rusted springs to get the most bounce from your trampoline.

But if you looking it over regularly, you shouldn’t run into any major issues.

The ninja course is made of ropes and slacklines.

The slacklines are pretty sturdy, so unless someone takes a knife or heavy-duty scissors to them, you shouldn’t worry about the slackline breaking.

The ropes are just like regular ropes and may wear out after years of use, but not likely.

The thing you probably need to keep an eye on is the trees/poles you are using to keep the ninja course up in the air.

If the slackline is moving around quite a bit, you may end up wearing out the trees or poles.

If this begins to happen, then the slackline can almost act as a saw and continue to wear down your trees or poles.

Purchasing the right ninja course should address this because a good ninja course will come with some type of padding to put around your tree.

This will help make your trees and ninja course last longer.

Advantage: Ninja course


Both the trampoline and the ninja course are going to take quite a beating.

Trampolines are typically used by more than one person at a time (even though the suggestion is one person at a time).

And having more than one person at a time can cause the trampoline to not last as long (thanks to the additional weight).

You see, the trampoline has a weight limit depending on which one you buy.

This weight limit is typically determined by how much weight the mat and frame can withstand before it will start to break.

So routinely going over the weight limit is not good for the trampoline.

The weight limit for the slackline is somewhere between 450lbs to 500lbs, so depending on the size of the people on the ninja course, you could have 2 to 3 people on at a time (more if all the people were young kids).

The slackline is also made of a pretty durable fabric, so it won’t go breaking on you within the first while after installing it.

Advantage: Ninja course


You’ve got a few choices here with cost.

Starting off with the trampoline, you could go as cheap as $300 for a nice full-size trampoline, or you could pay upwards of $2,000 for an Olympic-size trampoline or higher.

The higher prices should also include the safety net and spring cover.

So if you go with the higher-priced items, you won’t have to worry about purchasing anything extra for safety.

A good quality ninja course from Ninjactive will cost you around $140.

There isn’t much variety for the ninja courses unless you want to purchase a climbing net, which doesn’t seem as much fun for the kids as the ninja course.

In this case, the trampoline wins out because you have more choices for your trampolines.

Advantage: Trampoline

Fun Factor

On both the trampoline and ninja course, people are going to have a ton of fun.

The trampoline allows people to go up into the air, do backflips and frontflips, play games, and just have an all-around fun time bouncing around.

The ninja course is a lot of fun as well.

Instead of jumping into the air, you are working on crossing an obstacle course and then you get the joy of getting to the end knowing you accomplished something pretty hard.

But overall, the trampoline has more of a fun factor.

If you are anything like me, when you are done with a ninja course, your arms hurt from having to hold yourself up and your feet hurt because they were too big to keep comfortable on the slackline.

It can still be incredibly fun, but by the end, you are ready to move onto something else.

The trampoline, on the other hand, you could go on for days jumping on it.

Your legs might be a little sore from all the jumping you are doing, but then you can go sit down somewhere and let the pain wear off until it is no longer there.

Advantage: Trampoline


A trampoline and ninja course definitely have their advantages.

The trampoline is going to give you more of a choice in cost and a wider variety of fun in the fun factor.

The ninja course is going to be easier to set up, maintain, and the safety is better.

So overall the ninja course wins.

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