Trampoline vs Batting Cages: Which Is Better For Your Kids

When I was growing up, I used to love to go a few blocks down the street to the batting cage and take some time to swing at a few baseballs before going back home.

I also loved the chance to go jumping on a trampoline to get some of my energy out.

So overall, which is better for your kids, if you are going to purchase one of these for your backyard? We have found that based on setup time, maintenance, the amount of space it takes up, and the fun factor, the trampoline is the better option for your kids and for your family.

Read on to see if your reasoning matches ours.

Why the debate

The question all starts with what are you going to entertain your kids outside with.

We answered this question a few times with playsets, bounce houses, ninja courses, and more.

But this is the first time we are going to answer that question with something that doesn’t involve climbing or jumping or swinging.

The trampoline is fun for a few people to get their energy out and then relax doing something else.

The batting cage can give people hours of fun, switching between who is batting and who is pitching.

And so, let’s answer the question of which one is better for your kids.


Overall, trampolines and batting cages are pretty easy to set up.

The trampoline might take a few hours at first, but once you have it set up, you never have to set it up again.

Once you get the trampoline, you put the base of the trampoline together and then attach the legs to the base.

The part that will take the longest is attaching the springs to the mat and then to the base.

This is the part where it usually is beneficial to have a few friends with you.

I’ve done this a few times in my life and I usually put in about one-quarter of the springs and then I have to take a break because my arms are so tired.

Then after a short break, I can continue again but have to take another break after a while.

Hence having a few friends is nice, then you don’t have to take so many breaks and you can get it done faster.

The setup for the batting cage really depends on what batting cage you plan on getting.

The Fortress Batting Cage looks to have a few sets of poles and a net to it (which keeps anyone safe who is not using the batting cage).

Just like the trampoline, you’ll need a few friends to help out with setting up this batting cage.

And much like setting up a tent, you’ll probably need a friend to hold each pole while someone slips the net around each pole.

The Fortress Trapezoid Batting Cage looks a little more complicated to set up but should take about the same amount of time to set up.

There are also other batting cages that are just a net to hit into, like Kapler Batting Cage, which you should have set up in a matter of minutes.

So for setup, I’m going to put this to the trampoline, since it seems you would need fewer people to help set it up.

Advantage: Trampoline


The trampoline is very easy to maintain.

You mostly need to walk around the trampoline every once in a while and pay attention to the nuts and bolts and make sure they are still in place.

If they seem to be loosening, get the correct tool to tighten them up.

You also need to pay attention to the legs of the trampoline.

If they seem to be getting bent, then someone is putting too much weight on the trampoline and rules need to change (keep an eye on how many people are jumping).

Also, pay attention to the mat and safety net.

These are typically made of heavy-duty material, but they can tear and you will want to take care of them as soon as you see any issues.

A small hole on the mat or safety net can easily turn into a large hole if you are not careful.

Also, make sure to replace any rusty or old springs, or the trampoline won’t bounce as much as it should.

There seems to be a little maintenance with the batting cages.

First, the poles don’t look incredibly heavy-duty, and neither does the net.

So if someone is playing around the batting cage and not paying attention, they could easily bend the poles or rip the net.

This means that your batting cage isn’t going to last as long as you probably would like it to.

While it might be easier to maintain because it has fewer parts, you might find you are replacing parts less frequently for the trampoline.

Advantage: Trampoline


Both trampolines and batting cages have their own safety concerns.

With the trampoline, you have to worry about the fact that people jumping on the trampoline are a few feet off of the ground, and if they fall off the trampoline, they could end up with a fracture or broken leg, arm, collar bone, etc.

This can be mitigated by taking a few easy steps.

First, make sure to purchase a safety net and attach it to the trampoline.

With the safety net, if someone accidentally jumps too much and begins to fall off of the trampoline, the safety net will catch them and keep them on.

The safety net isn’t made out of the strongest of materials, so falling into it too many times with cause the net to rip and will need to be repaired after some time.

Repairing it is easy, but too many times and it will need to be replaced.

The trampoline mat could lead to a problem if it gets a hole in it.

This could lead to an injury as well, as a small hole can quickly lead to a large one, and then injury.

The batting cage has different injury concerns.

First, you need to make sure that those within the batting cages are protected.

The batter in the batting cage should wear a helmet on their head while the person pitching should have some kind of protection from the ball coming back at them.

A pitching screen would be good for this protection, and you always want to make sure to protect your pitcher.

Second, you have to consider the people outside of the batting cage.

Even though the cage should protect everyone from getting hit on the outside, you still want to keep people a few feet away from the cage.

The net of the cage is going to have a little bit of a give to it, so the net is going to extend out a few feet.

So if you can keep people away from it, then they should be pretty safe.

Overall, the batting cage seems a be a little bit safer than the trampoline.

Advantage: Batting cage


When you think of something you want to put in your backyard, you have to consider how much space you actually have in your yard.

The Olympic size trampolines are 17 feet across and probably around 5 feet wide, so you would need 85 square feet in your yard to be able to fit the trampoline.

This is probably the biggest you would have to worry about fitting.

Most trampolines are a bit smaller with anywhere between 12 and 15 feet across, and not quite as wide as the Olympic size.

The batting cages come in all different shapes and sizes.

The trapezoid batting cage has the shortest length of 35 feet and 10 feet wide, so you’d need 350 square feet in your backyard to fit the batting cage.

The rectangle batting cage is the shortest at 20 feet with probably 10 feet at the base, so 200 square feet are needed to be able to fit into your backyard.

Because the trampoline fits in such a smaller space, making it easier to fit into smaller yards, the advantage goes to the trampolines.

Advantage: Trampoline

Fun factor

This is a really difficult one to choose between.

The trampoline can have one or many people in it, which leads to different amounts of fun.

It is actually recommended that only one person jumps on the trampoline at a time, but I know of very few people that actually follow that rule.

The more people you have, the more fun you seem to have on the trampoline.

You can also add other different add-ons to the trampoline, including a basketball hoop or a triple toss game.

And there is any number of games you can come up with to play on the trampoline.

If you have an inground trampoline, you can also invite your dogs on the trampoline with you.

We used to regularly have our dogs on our trampolines and they would love to jump up and down with us, though after some time, they were ready to get off.

The batting cage is pretty limited to what you can do, on the other hand.

Since it is a batting cage, you can practice your hitting for baseball in there.

And if you have more than one person that wants to practice their batting, each person has to wait their turn instead of everyone going at the same time.

So while the batting cage can be fun, it is severely limited as to how much fun you can actually have.

Advantage: Trampoline


Cost is one of the first things I look at when considering what I’m going to put in my backyard for my kids.

With a trampoline, you have cost all over the place, depending on the type of trampoline I want to get.

Skywalker trampolines have a 12-foot trampoline that costs just over $300, and also the Olympic size trampoline that goes for just under $1300.

Vuly has their medium size trampoline going for $500 and their most expensive extra-large trampoline going for almost $3000.

So depending on the size and the maker, the costs for a trampoline are all over the board.

Batting cages have a pretty wide range for costs as well, where the rectangle batting cage goes for $300, while the trapezoid trampoline goes for $900

So again, depending on the size and the maker, the costs for a batting cage are all over the board.

But since you can purchase a trampoline with a safety net and spring cover for the cheapest amount, we are going to give the advantage to the trampoline.

Advantage: Trampoline.


There are certainly a lot of things about the batting cage that are a lot of fun and that could keep your kids busy.

But there are also safety concerns, which cause you to have to buy additional items to make sure everyone is safe.

Overall, the trampoline seems like a much safer option, while also being cheaper, and easier to set up.

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