Trampoline vs Basketball Hoop: Which Is The Most Fun For Your Kids

If you are like me, you always wanted to have access to a basketball hoop, so you could play any time that you wanted.

You probably also wanted a trampoline, so you could go outside after school and jump around for a few minutes before you had to start in on your homework

When deciding between a basketball hoop or a trampoline, you need to consider the safety, setup, maintenance, durability, cost, and fun factor. After considering these options, the basketball hoop is the one I would recommend over the trampoline.

Read on to find out why the basketball hoop may be slightly better for your family.

Why the debate

It would be easy to choose one over the other, but you should really take time to consider which one would be better for your kids.

One option might be so much safer than the other that it isn’t even a discussion.

But also, I was a kid once, and there were so many things that would have been nice to have in our backyard to play with.

And you can’t also have multiple fun things in your backyard.

Sometimes you just have to choose one and hope that one gives your kids the most fun they’ve ever had.

And that’s where the debate over basketball hoop or trampoline comes in.

Both can certainly be fun and both would have their reasons for being unsafe.

If you are going to make a purchase of one or the other, then you need to consider which one is best.


The setup really depends on what you plan on doing.

The setup for a trampoline is really pretty simple.

You start off by purchasing the trampoline and then you bring it home.

Once home, you put the legs of the trampoline into the frame, then you attach the springs to the mat and also to the frame as well.

It’s pretty quick, even though it may take you a few hours.

The basketball hoop is a different story.

It may be pretty quick to install the basketball hoop, you attach the backboard to the arm of the basketball hoop and then you attach the arm to the base, and then you are done.

This might be quicker than setting up a trampoline, but where are you going to place the basketball hoop?

In our backyard, all we have is dirt and grass.

These aren’t ideal conditions for a basketball court, let alone a hoop.

There is something additional that you need to do and that is to put in the floor for the basketball court.

You have many different options, which include blacktop, cement, hardwood, or polypropylene.

Whatever you choose, the floor is going to take a bit of extra time to do.

So overall, the setup for the trampoline is going to be quicker and give your family an option that can be used sooner.

Advantage: Trampoline


Basketball hoops and trampolines each come with their own safety risks.

Trampolines are fun, but allow for people to get hurt if they are not careful.

As I’ve shared in previous articles, I once tried to do 3 or 4 backflips in a row on a trampoline, but by the third flip, I landed not on the trampoline, but on the ground.

Luckily I wasn’t severely injured, but it could have been a whole lot worse.

Such is the same if people aren’t careful.

If too many people are jumping on the trampoline at the same time, one of the jumpers could end up on the ground just like me because multiple jumpers causing inconsistent jumping height.

As a jumper, you could also end up jumping on a spring, or the space in between springs, and that could cause a busted ankle or a broken leg.

Basketball hoops could lend themselves to injuries, but maybe not to the extent of trampolines.

Most people that get injured using a basketball hoop end up with a twisted ankle.

There are chances for more serious injuries, but those are not nearly as common as trampolines.

The most common basketball injuries are jammed fingers, knee injuries, ankle sprains, and facial cuts.

Most of these can be treated or you just need to wait sometime until the injury goes away.

Advantage: Basketball hoop


Once you have the trampoline or basketball hoop set up, then you need to worry about maintenance.

The trampoline has a few areas you need to worry about maintaining.

First, you have to check the springs on a regular basis.

With regular use of the trampoline, some of the springs will eventually wear out.

This means that they no longer extend and retract, which gives the trampoline the ability to get someone into the air.

If you decide to leave your trampoline out year-round and you don’t have a spring cover, the springs could end up getting rusted.

Rusted springs mean they also aren’t working the way that they should and need to be replaced.

You also need to check the mat and the safety net on a regular basis.

If either has a hole in it, it needs to be addressed right away or other problems may occur.

Lastly, check the screws on the legs of the trampoline and make sure they are tightened.

For the basketball hoop, you need to check the net on the hoop.

If the nets have holes in them, then the basketball isn’t going to sail through the hoop as it should.

You should also check the court on a regular basis to make sure there are no holes in the court, depending on the kind of court you have.

A cement or blacktop court needs to be checked to make sure it is still flat and swept to make sure there are no rocks on the court.

Having rocks or other debris on the court will cause people to get hurt.

Overall, the maintenance seems to be a lot simpler for the basketball hoop.

Advantage: Basketball hoop


Trampolines last an average of 8 years and that depends on how people are treating the trampoline.

If the trampoline is properly anchored to the ground and people are only using it the way they should (one or maybe two people at a time), then you should get far more than 8 years out of the trampoline.

Also, checking and the mat and replacing as necessary will also help the trampoline last as long as it can.

For the basketball hoop, it will last considerably longer if people aren’t dunking and hanging on the basketball hoop.

Growing up, we had a friend that had a basketball hoop that we were not allowed to dunk on.

So of course, we did.

Unfortunately, the basketball hoop didn’t last very long because we would hang on it.

First, the rim gave out. It was no longer straight.

Next, the arm of the basketball hoop gave out because it could no longer stand our weight.

So if you can avoid people hanging on the basketball hoop, then it should last you quite a bit of time.

Advantage: Basketball hoop


This again falls back to how far you plan to go with the basketball hoop.

If you don’t already have a cement slab or blacktop, then you might want to consider having one put in place.

There are other, cheaper options for your basketball hoop.

The cheapest option for a basketball court is around $2000 (just for the polypropylene and not for the cement underneath it) and a good quality basketball hoop is going to be upwards of $300 to $500.

A trampoline on the other hand, from the most expensive I’ve seen, is around $1700 to $1800.

Both are good quality options, but the trampoline is by far cheaper.

Advantage: Trampoline

Fun factor

There are so many things that are fun about trampolines and basketball hoops.

The trampoline allows for a few people to jump and get high up into the air.

This feeling is invigorating and allows people to feel the fresh air.

You can also get different attachments to the trampoline to give some more entertainment like a triple shot game or throwing pit balls or soccer balls onto the trampoline.

These give everyone something to do.

The basketball hoop also can entertain a lot of people.

Basketball games can have multiple people playing without worrying about someone getting hurt.

You can switch off who is playing or how many games you are going to play.

Not only can you play basketball games, but you can also play HORSE or SPEED and get more people involved.

The fun is never-ending with a basketball hoop.

Advantage: Basketball hoop


Trampolines and basketball hoops are two things that are fun for both kids and adults.

And each should be considered carefully when deciding which to get for your home.

Overall, they both are a blast to have, but the basketball hoop wins out over the trampoline.

Bill Lantz

Bill Lantz is a database analyst by day and a weekend warrior by... weekend. He's currently building up his own miniature homestead in Central Utah with his wife and six kids. Some of his interests include knowing random trivia about films, reading history books, and playing video games with the boys.

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