Top Common Mistakes We Make With Our Trampoline

When we get our trampoline, the battle is only halfway won.

Once we have our trampoline, there are many ways we can make mistakes with said trampoline, and we should do our best to try to avoid these mistakes.

These mistakes have to do with the setup, maintenance, and upkeep of the trampoline. The mistakes include not anchoring down our trampoline, purchasing an incorrect size of trampoline, putting our trampoline in the wrong place, not storing replacement parts, and more.

Read on to find common mistakes and how you can avoid making these mistakes.

Always follow the manual

Most of us have the general feeling that we know better than what the manual is telling us.

I for one have more often than not realized a mistake far into putting together my IKEA furniture and had to take apart most of what I put together because I didn’t follow the manuals instructions.

The same is true when putting together your trampoline.

No matter the size of the trampoline, you need to make sure you are following the instructions so you don’t have to take apart your trampoline later on before you find out you put a pole in the wrong place or you forgot to place a bolt.

Here are some common mistakes we make while setting up our trampoline.

Assemble the trampoline frame upside down

There are a few reasons you should assemble your trampoline frame upside down.

The first of these being that you typically have parts of the frame extend out from the frame for the legs to go into.

If you place these parts facing down, you are going to be digging into your lawn.

And if you have nice grass coming out of your lawn, you are going to dig that grass out of the yard.

Second, are you going to be attaching the legs to the frame and this is going to be a lot easier if the frame is upside down.

Instead of having to pick up the frame to place the legs, you simply need to place them into the frame while it is upside down.

And it will be a lot easier to flip over afterwards.

So you are essentially saving yourself some extra work.

Plan ahead of time where you want the trampoline

It will be a lot easier if you put your trampoline together WHERE you want the trampoline to be.

If you set up your trampoline in the place that is most convenient, say where all the pieces are located, this might be all well and good at the time, but once you’ve got your trampoline together, you’ll need more than a few people to move it.

Take some time to move the boxes where the trampoline is going to be instead of leaving them where they are.

Especially if where you want your trampoline is on another side of a fence.

If you try to put your trampoline sideways to put in through a gate, first you will need a few people to hold it up (not to mention if a good gust of wind comes by while you are doing it), but you also make scratch or damage the trampoline in the process.

If you have to lift the trampoline OVER a fence, again you will have to put quite a bit of effort into it, since these trampolines aren’t known for being on the light side.

So plan ahead of time where you want to place your trampoline and then set up the trampoline in that place.

Assemble the springs based on the manual

Typically the manufacturer of your trampoline has taken some time to figure out the best way to put the springs on the trampoline.

For example, Skywalker trampolines has very specific instructions on the order in which to put the springs in.

Vuly Trampolines suggests putting in every 10th spring on the first go around and then all the remaining springs after the first go around.

So make sure to check the manual to figure out how the manufacturer wants you to put the springs in.

They have the experience, so you may want to take a listen to them.

Pay close attention to the parts

If the manufacturer is doing their job right, they should be labeling the parts very specifically.

And your part is to pay attention to their labels.

For a circle trampoline this may not be that big of an issue.

But if you have an oval trampoline, a lot of the parts may look similar, but they could be much different than what you expect.

And you may not notice until you are halfway or almost completely done putting together your trampoline.

The same goes for if your trampoline has a safety net that you need to assemble as well.

You may end up putting a pole where the entrance goes if you are not careful.

After assembly

Below are some mistakes we make after we have assembled the trampoline.

Not enough space

It is important to remember that you should keep your trampoline at least 8 feet away from any obstruction or anything that someone might see as an extension of the trampoline.

This would include houses, fences, trees, shrubs, pools, cables, etc.

People while on a trampoline are often more adventurous than they would usually be and they might see someone like a tree as something to jump off of to get into the pool.

It is also something that someone could run into accidentally if they did one too many flips on the trampoline.

And we don’t want anyone to get hurt because they accidentally flipped off of a trampoline and landed on a fence or something else dangerous.

Not anchoring down the trampoline.

It might seem a little thing, but anchoring down your trampoline can often go a long way.

You can go the cheaper route and purchase some simple anchors here.

Or you can purchase the more sturdy anchors here.

The cheaper anchors will keep your trampoline in place in a last-minute emergency but probably won’t do you much good against regular jumping.

The more sturdy anchors will most likely keep the trampoline in place not only during emergencies but also when people are jumping on the trampoline.

Either way, you will want to use something to anchor down your trampoline.

The last thing you want is to find your trampoline on your neighbor’s car or as it breaks through one of your glass windows.

It doesn’t take much wind to make a trampoline go flying.

So make sure to anchor that trampoline down.

Always have spare parts handy

I have found it is always a great benefit to have spare parts handy for your trampoline.

These include the parts that you won’t necessarily be able to find at your local hardware store.

Springs are one of those spare parts you will want to have around your house.

You will never know when a spring might break, get covered in rust, or just get worn out.

And it is always best to replace a spring immediately instead of waiting a week for your spare springs to show up in the mail.

So purchase a dozen or so springs just in case you need them.

Most nuts, bolts, and screws you will probably be able to find replacements at your local hardware store.

But also have your model number ready and know who what company you bought the trampoline from in case you need to make a call to get a replacement part.

Not fixing holes immediately

Most people feel like a little hole in the trampoline mat or in the safety net is no big deal.

And it might not feel like a big deal at first.

But it does become a big deal once the hole starts to get bigger.

My kids typically see a hole in the trampoline as a challenge.

And the challenge is to see how big they can get the hole before mom and dad find out.

And unfortunately they have gotten it break to the point where the mat can no longer be fixed and it has to be replaced.

Don’t let this happen to you.

When you find a hole in the trampoline, or the kids tell you about one, you should go out to investigate it and fix it as soon as possible.

We have a good article you can read here about different ways you can fix a hole in your trampoline.

Obviously, it is the easiest to fix the hole when it is small.

You can also get a hole in your safety net.

The safety net is typically made of a thinner material than the trampoline mat because your kids shouldn’t be bouncing on the trampoline net.

We also have another article here about how fix a trampoline safety net.


A trampoline can be a great tool for your family, not only to help the kids get some energy out but also so the adults have a place where they can have some fun themselves.

Unfortunately the trampoline is one of those we set up and then forget about.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If we take care of our trampoline, both during the set up and well after it is being used, it will last us a long time.

So make sure the trampoline is put together correctly, you set it up in a place away from everything else, you have plenty of spare parts lying around, and you patch holes quickly after they appear.

Then, you can enjoy the trampoline for a long time into the future.

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