Top 3 Reasons Why Weight Limits Are Low On Trampolines

Most people that grew up with trampolines often love them when they get older as well.

But when you get older, sometimes you do not fall within the weight limits of what they recommend on the trampolines.

So why are weight limits so low? To know this, you need to understand the springs, the pad, and the frame of the trampoline.

Read on to find out why trampolines have weight limits and why you should consider this before jumping.

The springs

The springs are a very integral part of the trampoline.

Without the springs, you would not get the upward force that takes you off of the mat and into the air.

You will often find that the springs are the items you are replacing the most on the trampoline.

This is because the springs take the majority of the weight when someone is jumping.

The majority of trampolines have springs, instead of spring free or elastic.

These springs are typically made of steel, and if they are galvanized, they have a layer of zinc on the top of the steel.

The galvanization helps the springs last longer by protecting them from harsh weather like rain and wind.

But these springs can only typically take on so much weight before they begin to degrade and fall apart.

You can tell a spring is ruined by either the rust on the spring or the spring can no longer expand and retract.

When it can no longer expand and retract, it has taken on too much weight.

You can also purchase heavy-duty springs, that will allow you to have more weight on your trampoline.

Find some to purchase here.

The mat

There are a few things to consider when it comes to the mat and how much weight it can withstand.

The first being the material the mat is made out of.

Since the mat is typically made out of woven fabric, a certain amount of weight needs to be considered before the fabric cannot take anymore.

If too much weight is put onto the mat, that is when you begin to see holes form in the mat and it will begin to tear.

Think of it like you were going to take your favorite t-shirt and put it on the ground.

Then you put your foot on top of the t-shirt and you grabbed a sleeve with each hand.

Then you pulled up on the sleeves.

Eventually the t-shirt is going to give and rip.

The same is true for your trampoline mat.

Enough pressure on it and it will eventually give way.

The second, and maybe more important part, is how deep the mat goes each time someone jumps.

The amount of weight on the trampoline mat will determine how much the mat bends towards the ground.

If someone at 110 lbs jumps 3 feet above the trampoline, the trampoline mat will bend about 70% towards the ground.

If someone at 220 lbs jumps the same amount about the trampoline, the trampoline mat will bend about 85% towards the ground.

And someone at 330 lbs jumps 3 feet above the trampoline, the trampoline mat bends about 95% towards the ground.

So considering the weight limit also goes towards how close the jumper will be to the ground when they land and try to jump again.

In my life, I know of a few adults jumping on trampolines that actually got injured because the trampoline mat got too close to the ground while landing.

So if you want to stay safe on the trampoline, consider how much the trampoline mat will bend while you jump.

In addition to the trampoline bending, this could also lead to people getting thrown off the trampoline.

When multiple people jump on the trampoline, and especially when they are around or over the weight limit, this leads to unexpected distances or directions while jumping.

While it can sound fun to go higher in the air, it can lead to people getting injured.

I have done backflips on a trampoline while other people were jumping and I was fortunate to not get injured when I fell off.

The frame

Trampoline frames are typically made of thick gauge steel, which means that they should be pretty durable for users.

But that does not mean that they will not break.

If you put too much weight on the trampoline and the springs are over-extended, this could lead to the springs creating bigger holes in the frame of the trampoline.

This could also lead to the buckling of the legs on the frame of the trampoline from too much weight.

So even though the trampoline frame is made of durable metal, that does not mean you should not consider the weight limit before jumping.

Best trampolines for weight limits

If you look around, trampolines have two categories of weight limits.

The first category is the weight limit per person, with the majority of trampolines allowing for a max weight limit of 250 lbs per person.

The second category is the weight limit on the trampoline at one time.

This means that if you have more than one jumper on the trampoline at a time, they recommend a total weight for everyone jumping.

This weight limit depends on the type of trampoline you get.

The top-rated trampolines based on max weight limit for one person include the following

Skywalker 17′ Rectangle Olympic-Sized Premium Trampoline with Enclosure

The Skywalker 17′ is rated for 350 lbs per jumper, and is tested for up to 1400 lbs at one time.

It uses springs that are larger than typical trampoline springs, which allows for a higher weight per jumper.

It also comes with the trampoline net, which is safer when having more weight on the trampoline.

Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline

The Exacme Heavy Duty Trampoline is rated at 375 lbs, which is reportedly the highest on the market.

It also comes with a net enclosure, spring cover, and ladder, which are all very important to the safety of the jumpers.

The trampolines are UV tested and also come with a galvanized steel heavy-duty frame.

Springfree Oval Trampoline

The Springfree Oval Trampoline does not specifically have a weight rating available, but it does have a few advantages over other trampolines.

Springfree trampolines do not have any springs, so you do not have to worry about replacing springs due to overuse.

Also, the Springfree trampoline mat is higher up off the ground, which means that you can bounce more on it without having to worry about the mat sinking to the ground.

Springfree trampolines also come with a 10-year warranty, so anything that breaks will be replaced.


Trampolines can be fun for both the old and the young.

So before you consider jumping on the trampoline, think about if you are over the weight limit.

If you are, you are putting extra pressure on the springs, mat, and frame which can lead to those parts of the trampoline wearing out before they should.

So if you have a big family or want to jump as an adult, consider getting a more heavy-duty trampoline.

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