Is It Bad to Sleep on a Trampoline?

Trampolines are flat and outside, so it is only natural to wonder if it is safe to sleep on it.

If you have kids, and you probably do if you have a trampoline, you’ve been asked a few times if your kids can sleep on it for the night.

Trampolines are perfectly safe to sleep on, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Those things include: what items you need for sleeping, what weather to sleep in, and how many people you should fit on the trampoline.

If you are careful, and read the below items, sleeping on the trampoline could not only be good for you, but you and your friends can have a lot of fun doing it.

Why would you want to sleep on a trampoline

Sleeping on a trampoline can be a fun and simple way of having some friends over to spend the night.

Who does not love to sleep under the stars.

A trampoline allows you to sleep under the night sky without the hassle of having to set up, take down, and air out a tent.

Even if there was no rain during the night, your tent will typically get some condensation on the bottom or the sides of the tent.

On cold nights, you can sometimes find condensation on the top of the tent as well.

If you take care of your tent appropriately, you allow your tent to dry out under the sun until it is completely dry and then put it away.

Doing this helps you to avoid having mildrew buildup (and smell) all over your tent.

With a trampoline, you do not have to worry about drying it out.

You simply set up your sleeping area, go to sleep, then wake up and put your sleeping stuff away in the morning.

No need to do anything with the trampoline afterwards.

What you would need to sleep on the trampoline

  • Sleeping bag or blanket

A sleeping bag or a blanket would be perfectly fine for you to use to sleep on the trampoline.

You will need to keep in mind how to keep warm.

On the trampoline, you have to worry about the breeze above and below the trampoline.

A sleeping bag will keep you warm on both the top of you and also on the bottom, as long as the sleeping bag is zipped all night and the person is sleeping in the sleeping bag.

A blanket, on the other hand, you will either need to: have a blanket on both the top and bottom of the person or rolled up just like a sleeping bag.

A failure to roll up the blanket will leave the person cold throughout the night.

  • A pillow

On a bed or in a tent, you might be able to get away with not having a pillow.

That has happened to me one or two times because I did not pack appropriately.

On a trampoline, you will want to make sure to have a pillow handy.

A trampoline might be cushy to jump on, but it will not cushion your head very well.

Without a pillow, you will almost certainly wake up with a crick in your neck.

  • A wool cap or baseball hat

Unless you have a mummy sleeping bag, you will need something to cover your head.

In a tent, you can get away with not covering your head, since the tent shields most of the breeze.

But on the trampoline, nothing is shielding you from the breeze.

The wool cap or baseball hat will keep your head and body warm throughout the night.

According to LivesScience, we lose 7-10% of our heat through our head.

And we want to keep our heat if the night is going to be cold.

What to consider before sleeping on the trampoline

First, keep an eye on what the weather is going to be like over the night.

You will want to avoid sleeping on the trampoline if it is going to rain or snow.

As discussed previously, the trampoline is not good for keeping one warm and you will not want to be stuck out in the open if it starts to rain or snow.

Next, consider how many people are you going to want to sleep on the trampoline.

Make sure to give everyone a little bit of space on the trampoline.

If you have a 14 foot trampoline, I would recommend 7 people at most.

You can fit more people if you want to, of course, but 7 people gives everyone enough space.

Also, if you have a circle trampoline, make sure everyone sleeps feet to feet with their feet in the middle of the trampoline.

The middle of the trampoline will sink thanks to the weight of everyone on the trampoline.

With the middle of the trampoline sunken down, you do not want your head in the middle.

No only do you set yourself up to get kicked in the head, but you also leave yourself open to a massive headache in the morning.

When your head is downhill, your blood rushes down to your brain and all that pressure gives you a headache.

So try to avoid doing anything that puts people heads in the middle of the trampoline.

Also, keep in mind people that roll around while they sleep.

If they are not careful, they might end up rolling off the trampoline and onto the ground.

So, more people sleeping on the trampoline might solve this problem, or setting up a safety net would help as well.

What other fun you can have on the trampoline

Once you’ve established you are ready for the sleepover, there is an endless list of other things you can do to continue the fun.

  • Snacks

You might be a little hesitant to have a lot of snacks on a campout oer a sleep over in the house.

Depending on the age of the kids, it could lead to a huge mess in your tent or on your carpet.

On the trampoline, it would be pretty easy to sweep off and be done.

So do not forgoet to load up on the snacks.

  • Games

Thanks to the bouncy surface of the trampoline, you can play many different games on the trampoline.

Four Square would be an easy game to play.

Bring some sidewalk chalk onto the trampoline and mark off the four squares for Four Square.

Or, you can have a baseball and bounce it back in forth between each person on the trampoline.

My nephews came up with a game where you use a soccer ball and people make the ball jump up and down. Once the ball hits someone, that person is out of the game. Those left in the game try to make the ball jump into other people until there is one last person standing.

You can do the same with stuffed animals or any other object that might get a good bounce.

If you have a safety net and projector, you can clip a bed sheet onto the safety net and project a movie onto the sheet, making a drive-in feel for those sleeping on the trampoline.

Lastly, Sky Walker Trampolines have a few trampolines that offer a basketball hoop with it.

You can find some of those trampolines here and here.

Imagine playing a few games of PIG or having a dunk contest and then laying down and going to sleep.

Nothing would put your kids to sleep much quicker.


Trampolines can be a fun option for having a sleepover.

Make sure to check the weather, keep the people sleeping over to a reasonable number and bring plenty of snacks and games to have a fun time.

Bill Lantz

Bill Lantz is a database analyst by day and a weekend warrior by... weekend. He's currently building up his own miniature homestead in Central Utah with his wife and six kids. Some of his interests include knowing random trivia about films, reading history books, and playing video games with the boys.

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