How Long Do Trampolines Last?

Trampolines can sometimes be an investment.

And like any other investment, people want to know what their return on that investment is.

But telling knowing how long your trampoline is going to last depends on a few things. This includes, but is not limited to, the trampoline frame, the springs, the mat, and if you are regularly maintaining your trampoline.

Read on to figure out how to best maintain your trampoline so you can make it last longer then the average life span of a trampoline.

What is the average lifespan of a trampoline

Trampolines can typically last from between 3 to 8 years.

This does not mean that your trampoline will last longer or shorter than this time.

This again depends on how you take care of your trampoline.

The trampoline frame

When I talk about the trampoline frame, I am speaking of the metal parts of the trampoline that keep the trampoline together.

This includes the circle (or oval, square, or rectangle) part of the trampoline that keeps the trampoline mat in place.

A trampoline frame is typically made of pretty durable metal, since it has to stay together even when multiple people at different weights are jumping on the trampoline.

The frame can also withstand inclement weather since it is built stronger than other part of the trampoline.

The frame is typically held together by screws, bolts, and sometimes washers.

Put together tightly, these items can keep the trampoline together for a long time without having to perform regular maintenance on the trampoline.

But over time, your trampoline frame might begin to fall apart or break.

This can happen if people misuse the trampoline frame.

This includes if someone is jumping directly off of or onto the frame, even if unintentionally.

So it is recommended that you do not jump from the frame onto or onto something else or jump from something else onto the frame.

And if you can get the frame to last awhile, then replacing the other parts of the trampoline when they break should be pretty easy.

The springs

Besides the trampoline mat, the springs might end up being the items on the trampoline that wear out the quickest.

This, of course, depends on how people are using the trampoline.

You can easily protect the springs in many different ways.

The first being covering the springs with a spring cover.

The spring cover protects the springs during inclement weather like rain or snow.

If the springs are left uncovered, they can rust over, which could then lead to them not working the way that they should.

Another option is to cut pool noodle to the shape of the springs and put them around the springs.

This again keeps them covered during inclement weather and saves them from rusting.

You can also take a part your trampoline when you get to the rain or snow season and keep it packed up into those seasons have passed.

Springs are easy to store in either a tote bag or cardboard box until they are ready to be brought out again.

Also, keep a can of WD40 handy just in case.

WD40 is good for coating your springs to keep them from getting too wet from rain or snow.

The mat

From my experience, the trampoline mat is the most sensitive of all the trampoline items.

The mat can be ruined from too much sun.

The mat can be ruined from too much moisture.

The mat can be ruined from too much weight.

So you need to be careful of how you treat the trampoline mat.

If you want to keep the trampoline mat around for a long time, put your trampoline away during the rain and snow seasons.

Also, keep a close eye on how much weight you are putting on a mat.

A few kids jumping on the mat probably will not do too much damage.

But a bunch of adults jumping on the trampoline mat will wear it down quickly. says:

The part of the trampoline that will get the most wear and tear is the mat. The mat pad is the section of the trampoline that takes on all of the kinetic energy that goes into every bounce. It can be made with nylon, fabric, or a combination of materials to create a durable surface.

Warranty for mats vary between manufacturers, ranging from 90 days to 5 years. You can make sure that your trampoline mat lasts longer by taking some precautions.

Never wear shoes on the mat

Make sure that you have removed all sharp objects from your pockets

Consider jumping with clothing that will not snag on the pad, i.e. jeans, exposed zippers or snaps, etc.

How Long Will My Trampoline Last? | Reviews of the Best Kids Trampoline (

Keep an eye out for holes in the trampoline mat.

If you see a hole, take care of the problem quickly.

Read another one of our articles to learn how to patch a trampoline mat.

If you do not take care of a hole in the trampoline quickly, you will be replacing the mat soon.

We have had an instance or two where we had a hole in our trampoline mat and then the next thing we knew, we were replacing the whole trampoline mat.

If we had started working right away on patching the hole, then we could have salvaged the mat.

Another way the trampoline mat can break is if the rings that hold the spring pop off.

In the case of the rings popping off, typically the part of the trampoline that keeps the rings in place has ripped.

You can try sewing those parts back together, but at that point, you are probably better off purchasing a new mat.

Regular maintenance

There are a few regular maintenance tasks you can do to make sure your trampoline stays in good condition and last longer than three to eight years.

Check the screws and bolts

Regularly check the screws and bolts to see how tight they are.

If you find any that have loosened, use a screwdriver to tighten the screws again.

Doing so will make sure the trampoline frame stays together and that the weight of jumping is distributed the way it should be.

Check the condition of the springs

Even if you are careful, the springs are eventually going to wear out on your trampoline.

Regularly check your springs to see what condition they are in.

If some look like they are going to start rusting, apply a layer of WD40 onto the springs.

Also, check to make sure the springs can expand and retract to their original position.

After some time, the springs are going to stop retracting and this will affect the overall bounciness of your trampoline.

So if you see any springs that are not retracting, replace them.

And as mentioned before, patch any holes in the trampoline immediately or replace the mat.

Anchor down the trampoline

One of the more important parts of maintaining a trampoline is anchoring it down.

Anchoring your trampoline down to the ground keeps it from flying away in strong winds or from getting flipped over from someone jumping incorrectly on it.

It also helps preserve the trampoline legs by keeping it rooted to the ground instead of being up in the air each time someone jumps up and down.

Purchase an anchoring kit from Amazon and help preserve your trampoline.


If you regularly check the springs, mat, and frame, you can make your trampoline last a long time.

This includes longer than the three to eight years that trampolines typically last.

Take a little time now to take care of your trampoline so you do not have to replace it every few years.

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