Are Springfree Trampolines Safer Than Other Trampolines?

Growing up, all the trampolines I ever used were held together by springs.

If you are like me, you have never heard of springfree trampolines.

But a company called Springfree trampolines has come out with a trampolines free of springs and allegedly 93% safer than other trampolines.

So what makes these springfree trampolines safer?

Yes, spring-free trampolines are safer than regular trampolines. They are made safer by their hidden frame, flexible rods, and their UV protected mat.

Read on to figure out why spring-free is safer, but also how you can make your regular trampoline safer as well.

What makes traditional trampolines unsafe?

There are many things that makes the traditional trampoline unsafe:

  • The springs

A regular trampoline will come with the springs exposed and a gap in between each spring.

The springs is what gives the trampoline the bounce you experience.

As you land, the springs expand to counter the weight.

As you jump, the springs re-tract, which tightens the mat and allows you to jump higher into the air.

Both the springs and the gap leave room for injury if someone missteps or missed jumps on the trampoline.

A miss into the spring can cause someone to roll an ankle, cause the spring to go flying off of the trampoline, or just generally break the spring.

A miss into the gap could cause someone to hurt their leg or could tear the mat.

My kids used to like to play a game where I would lay down on the trampoline and they would jump while I tried to trip them.

This was a fun game, but more often than not one of them would miss the trampoline and land on one of the springs.

Even when we moved the game closer to the middle of the mat, kids could still hit the springs.

Having the springs exposed is a big danger to anyone jumping.

  • The frame

The frame for the trampoline is located on the outside of the mat, fully exposed to the weather and the jumper.

The metal frame on the outside of the trampoline can also be unsafe for jumpers.

Just like with the springs, if the trampoline is missed and someone hits the metal frame, they can break a bone, twist an ankle or fall and hurt themselves.

  • The mat

Trampoline mats are notorious for wearing out over time.

This can either be due to too much weight being put on it or the weather wearing down.

Too much direct sunlight can wear down the trampoline mat as well, making it unsafe for people to jump on.

How can these issues be addressed?

There are many ways the above issues can be addressed without buying a new trampoline.

First, you can buy a trampoline safety pad.

You can find these on Amazon here or visit your local Wal-Mart and see if they carry safety pads.

These safety pads will cover the springs and the gap in between each spring.

This will keep jumpers safe from falling in the gaps or falling on the springs and the springs are safe from wear and tear or the weather.

Second, you can purchase a safety net enclosure at Amazon here or visit your local Wal-Mart.

The enclosure will keep jumpers within the trampoline frame and help keep them from falling outside the trampoline area.

This does not guarantee 100% safety but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

You can also find trampoline companies that include the mat and safety net when you purchase the trampoline.

If you look at a company like Skywalker Trampolines, most of their trampolines come with a pad and enclosure.

How does a springless trampoline address these issues?

  • Hidden frame

Instead of the traditional trampoline, the frame in the spring-less trampoline is actually located underneath the jumping surface.

Underneath the surface, the frame is hidden away from jumpers.

So, there is little chance of someone hitting or landing on the frame while jumping.

The frame also has multiple layers of rust protection, so it won’t peel from exposure to the elements.

  • Flexible rods

Instead of springs, Springfree trampolines use their patented flexible rods.

These rods are located underneath the mat and connected to the frame, so they are below the surface and out the way so no one gets hurt.

  • The mat

The Springfree trampoline mat is made of an advanced composite material that makes it up to 3 times stronger than regular trampoline mats.

It is also UV stabilized so it lasts longer out in the sun.

According to Springfree, the mat can last thousands of hours in harsh exposure to the sun.

  • Warranty

Springfree Trampolines also offers a 10 year warranty with their trampoline.

This warranty covers all parts for the trampoline, which is a lot better compared to most other trampoline companies.

Other benefits of Springfree trampolines

According to their website, Springfree trampolines offer the same bounce as a regular trampoline, but are easier on the knees and joints.

So they would be better for people with knee or joint problems and also help avoid these same problems.

This is especially good for anyone that is overweight and is looking for a way to shed some pounds.

Trampolines have been shown to be a good form of exercise and with the Springfree trampolines being better for your knees, it is a great way to lose weight.

Springfree trampolines are also more than 90% safer than normal trampolines.

What are the downsides to Springfree trampolines?

The biggest downside to the trampolines are probably the cost.

The typical price for a Springfree trampoline is upwards of twice the price of a regular trampoline.

The lowest price for a Springfree trampoline right now is $799, while the most expensive is $2,399.

Skywalker Trampolines, for instance, has a price of $369 for their 14 foot trampoline and $1,295 for their Olympic size trampolines.

So other trampolines are clearly less expensive than Springfree trampolines.

Also, at the time of this publishing, Springfree trampolines are either out of stock or you can pre-order.

If you want a Springfree trampoline, you might be waiting awhile.

Springfree Trampolines also claim that their trampoline can take 2-3 hours of set up time, while people who have set up their Springfree trampoline say it takes well more than 3 hours to set up with 2 people.

This was mainly because of the difficulty in inserting the rods into the mat in the correct order.


There are definitely pros and cons to each type of trampoline.

With the regular trampoline, you are paying less for the trampoline, but the trade off is safety.

Some of those safety concerns are taken away by investing a little bit more moey in pads and enclsoures.

Springfree trampolines remove most of the safety concerns, but you will find yourself paying much more for their trampolines.

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